SUNY Oswego University Police

Description Amount Available Active Expires
Employee Motorcycle $0.00 Available Active 08/19/2016
Employee Summer $20.00 Available Active 08/12/2016
Online Visitor/Temporary $1.00 Available Active Varies
Student Motorcycle $25.00 Available Active 08/19/2016
Student Summer $20.00 Available Active 08/12/2016
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Code Description Amount
BI Blocking building $20.00
CW Parked in the crosswalk $20.00
FL Parking in the Fire Lane $75.00
GR Parked on the grass $20.00
HA Handicapped area $75.00
ID Improper Display $20.00
MA Parked in Medical area $20.00
NR Not registered (no permit) $20.00
OL Parked outside parking boundary $20.00
ON Parked overnight $20.00
OT Overtime in timed area $20.00
OTH Other violation $20.00
RA Parked in a Reserved (no permit) $20.00
RD Parked in the Roadway $20.00
SA Unlawful parking service/loading $20.00
SR Towed for snow removal $20.00
SW Parked on sidewalk / pedestrian $20.00
TOW Parking permission suspended $20.00
WA Wrong area $20.00
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